Our five generations family farm was pleased to add sustainability with Rural Energy Development LLC. We undertook the largest single-phase solar site in the United States. Once installed, the turn-on was scheduled with the utility. It was telling about the quality of RED Renewables team as they made sure the manufacturer flew in representation to be onsite. Once turned on, the system immediately went into production; we witnessed the meter turn backward. As a result, our Ohio-based hog farm operations are now on track with sustainability through solar energy.

Pat Hord CEO - Hord Family Farms


We installed a solar energy system in 2020, and immediately the meter turned backward. The power bills on our turkey houses were previously $2000 - $3000 a month. Now our bills are typically below $200. The system is doing just what it is supposed to do, and it is paying for itself. Over time, there is no doubt that the system will positively impact the profitability of the farm. We have recently contemplated a sale of our farm, and the system's value has maintained and increased the value of our farm.

S. Scales - Jonesville SC


From the time our system was commissioned in Jan 2019, I noticed an immediate decrease in power usage. My 75 kw solar system has significantly reduced my power bills by 82.5% in the first year from $11,000 to $1,950 with no maintenance at all!! I love that I am able to pay for much of my power with an eco-friendly sustainable source.

Stephanie K.-Over The Top Poultry


The RED Renewables helped me through the permit, application and grant processes. Their knowledge and experience was key in the successful outcome of my project. My Solar system looks good and produces much of my farm's power requirements.

Benny Lybrand - Cobb Poultry Grower


"I worked with the Rural Energy Development LLC team for my agricultural power replacement project, and as a result, we have been able to offset much of our energy needs without taking up farmland. Their Team was dedicated to delivering a successful project."

Mark Kiser - Tyson Poultry Grower


The entire process was smooth, and the company made it easy for us to complete the whole process. An essential thing for me was that they did everything they said they would. We received all the expected power savings benefits as well as some unexpected benefits. Our farm is located at the end of the powerlines for our area. Our power fluctuated, leaving us on the dirty power and hot motors. Therefore we were burning through 25-30 fan motors and 10-15 feed motors each year. Since having solar energy on-site, our farm dropped from 30-45 motors per year to a total of 4-motors a year. It is also paramount that they quickly responded if we had a question or anything that did not seem right.

Blake Moore


The team has been helpful and Honest. I have been pleased with how smooth the installation has gone, and the management team is responsive to my questions. Also, they are helping me get money back from Duke Energy for over-billing during the period before even being installed.

Jackie Lui


Having been on the Design and Engineering side of the Solar Industry for the last 20 years it's easy to recognize exceptional leadership and business ethics. RED Renewables has always displayed these qualities in my working relationship
with them and I've seen that carry over into their practices in the field. This team knows what they're doing and are dedicated to the cause of making renewable energy accessible to all. In addition, provide peace of mind and security
in doing so. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend RED Renewables based on my extensive experience working with their team in comparison to some of the other organizations I've worked with. RED Renewables is top notch!

Richard D. Smith
LEED AP Principal US Solar Designs


As it pertains to RED Renewables, I write this as a testimonial to the quality of the company, its leadership team and its employees from City Electric Supply - Renewable Energies Group's ("CES") perspective.

RED Renewables, has been a trading partner with CES for quit some time now, they have consistently delivered on the what the true meaning of a Partner really is. The leadership team and employees have always interacted with me and other employees of CES with the utmost integrity and respect. They have always come through on every promise and commitment without challenge and have truly been a huge part of our success in the industry.

RED Renewables' operations team have always been ahead of the pack in efficiency and communication, especially pertaining to product forecasting, logistic scheduling, project scheduling, procurement and payment.

I can honestly say that it has been my privilege and pleasure to work alongside RED Renewables in every facet of their business as it pertains to Solar and Electrical product need.

Thank you,

Robbie McNamara
National Renewable Business Development Manager
City Electric Supply - Renewable Energy Division


Solis engineers appreciate the technical advantages of the RED Renewables agriculture PV system concept. The layout for large agricultural sites using Solis US inverters is a good fit. The large wire boxes and NEMA 4X Solis inverter enclosures are built for the demanding agrarian environment. RED Renewables has seen a durable and cost-effective performance from Solis inverters and relies on the accurate, professional inverter services provided by Solis US. We expect RED Renewables' Ag concept to continue and be scaled to larger and smaller agricultural sites throughout the Eastern US.

Terrence Parker, Senior Compliance
Applications Engineer Solis US