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At Red Renewables, we work hard to provide the ideal solar panel installation solution to help customers achieve cleaner energy. From panels for farms, schools, retirement communities, processing plants, distribution centers, businesses and more, Red Renewables has all the resources to help you achieve sustainable energy success.


Red Renewables, located in Mooresville, NC, has done more installs of agricultural solutions than anyone in the southeast.

Our employees come from the agricultural community and are experienced and comment to reducing energy costs and creating a cleaner, greener environment and increasing your bottom line and return on investment. There are significant tax incentives to do solar and an investment in solar typically has returns 2-3 times the average S&P averages.

Tested Technology

Utility Grade Commercial Solar Panels
Retrofit Design Work & Partner With New Projects

Minimize unnecessary expenses with our trained professional.
Commercial Solar System Monitoring & Utility Grid Communication