About Us

Red Renewables provides custom solar energy solutions to the commercial and agricultural market. Based out of Mooresville, NC, Red Renewables has done more installs of agricultural solutions in the Southeast. Every install is tailored specifically for the customers needs with a focus on the highest level of financial return. We achieve this by developing solar solutions tailored to our customers needs using tier one materials baked by industry leading power production warranties. At Red Renewables, our employees come from the agricultural community and understand the unique requirements of operating on a commercial farm operation.

Our Process

  • Needs Evaluation
  • System Design and Layout
  • Understanding Financing Options
  • NABCEP Certified Electrical Engineering
  • Certified Structural Engineering
  • Utility Provider Approval
  • Product Procurement
  • Construction & Interconnection
  • System Monitoring

Solar energy is paving the way to a clean, sustainable energy future. A solar energy system will provide your business or farm access to affordable, green energy as well as an energy-independent. The Red Renewables team can help you make sense of all of the solar energy options available to you. Our engineers will choose the absolute best solar system for your individual situation. We will work with you to make sure that your solar energy system will pay for itself in the shortest time possible. Red Renewables can help you install commercial solar systems in Mooresville North Carolina and surrounding states.